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The fashion forward design of the GTs make them comfortable and good looking. The lens range is perfectly suited to general and specific uses such as golf, bush walking and fishing

Perfect For


Fishing conditions can fluctuate wildly and what works in one, wont work in another. Our lens range has you covered in all situations


Skippers need to be switched on at all times. Brown lenses allow a wide viewing slot and are perfect for a day on the water.


Golfers and outdoors people who spend time in full sun will benefit from a grey lens base. It provides an accurate representation of colour and is comfortable to wear


Whether you're canoeing or pursuing active sports on the water, Mako lenses will help you see what's below


Grey lenses are very relaxing for the eye, filtering the most light of any lens colour and providing a very natural colour balance.


Camping requires a lens that allows you to see with enough clarity, brown lenses are great for this outdoor activity.

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