Western Bream Scramble

Story by Anthony Thorpe

Mako Pro Angler Offers some tips for bream fishing in Sydney Harbour after fishing the Western Bream Scramble - ed

For the first time this year I fished for bream in the Western Sydney bream scramble in Sydney Harbour. I have been competing in bream comps for over two years with some great results and even more lessons over that time. Fishing with other ike minded anglers is a sure way to get the most out of any trip.

Over the years, there have been many comps held on Sydney Harbour and after a while you learn some neat tricks to find fish where most people would simply drive by.

With over cast conditions for the day of the comp, I decided to target bream holding tight to the banks and rocky shoreline. The trick here is that the bream rarely venture far from the safety of the structure, so pin-point accuracy is a must. Often you have to land your cast within inches of the shore and start the retrieve there. On this occasion we were able to use the brown Mako lens to identify and sight cast to bream holding tight to this structure.

Even though we only weighed in 2.6kg for our 5 bream and finished 12th for the day it was a fun day and great technique used to get our bream!!