The Perfect Flats Lens

Story by Dominic Wiseman

As a fishing guide I spend up to 200 days per year staring into water from Hervey Bay to Cape York here in Queensland, believe me it can be tough, clients pay good money so we need to produce fish and simple fact if I can’t see them neither can the client!

I have been using Mako Blades with the G3H6 blue mirror lens for a couple of years now, these are amazing sunnies, for me they are comfortable and I can see everything that swims on the flats in front of me.  Last weekend I fished the top end flats on Fraser Island (Hervey Bay is my hometown) it’s a regular haunt for me, my clients and my fishing crazy son who loves it as much as I do.

A moderate south easterly wind, normal for this time of the year blows over the island bringing cloud with the moist ocean air, not the best for sight fishing but with the mako’s we could still see fish contrasting against the white sandy bottom. End result we saw 10 marlin free swimming along the flats in 3 meters of water, an incredible sight and even better when you can cast a lure and watch them zero in and strike!

For me sight fishing is just the best and even in cloudy conditions quality sunglasses make the difference between catching fish and not catching. Remember you only have one set of eyes, look after them!