Saratoga Sighting

It was an early start on what seemed like a freezing cold morning in Central Queensland, about two days before the cold snap hit town. We knew this was our last chance. Not many people have had the privilege of sight casting for wild Saratoga in the middle of winter, and the cooler mornings certainly don’t make it easy.
It was a 45 minute boat trip at full noise just to find clean water, but well worth it. With the water displaying an almost emerald green, I opted for my green mirrored lensed Mako GT’s (G2H5) and started spotting. 10 minutes in and we’d managed to hook two smaller toga on fly but also managed to drop them moments after setting the hooks (apparently not very well). The day continued, as did our streak of failed hook sets.
However, as the sun showed signs of nearing the horizon, we managed not one, but TWO fish in the space of 15 minutes, both sighted circling in and out of the shadows of the standing timber in the dying sunlight. Tell you what, I certainly would not have been able to see them without the Makos, this lens is brilliant and removes all unnecessary light making it easier to spot fish. And aside from the safety aspect, wearing polarised lenses certainly makes a day on the water a lot less strenuous on the eyes.
Fish for the Fight!