NSW South Coast Fishing Report

Story by Peta Geraghty

Fishing the Far South Coast last month has been pretty quiet and weather hasn't been favourable recently. We've had some strong winds blow up from south and west, making life difficult but July has been surprising. Heading out yesterday to my favourite inshore reef I was overjoyed to find bird patches all over it. I been keen to try out my new Mako eyewear on the bird patches, so extra joy.

The Terns were working schools of Anchovies that were spread over a large area and kingy's would ball up the Anchovies occasionally with some good soundings but they were tearing up and down the tide line with only the odd bust up on the surface. There were some other guys there using poppers, flys and jigs with no success, so they were not biting well.

My new Mako's (women's Sealife with brown lenses) were exceptional at determining what the bait was, crystal clear looking through the water and awesome at spotting the bird patches. 

"The Mako brown is an excellent all round lens colour and is easy on the eye and a good contrast lens allowing me to see fish clearly. Very impressed."

As Drew is looking for schools of Kings I decide to hurl my jig into the birds. A couple of casts and a hook up, good weight but no telltale tail thrust of a Kingy. I was thinking a salmon? As it neared the boat, I was pleasantly surprised I'd hooked a nice 4kg plus King. We found a nice few schools the Kingy following the jigs right back to the boat, but they didn't want to bite. The Kingy follows were that thick you could have walked on the schools but we only managed to hook a couple more.

After that disappointment, we headed out again the next day and with  no bird patches on my favourite reef, we headed down the coast to another favourite inshore reef. Joy levels again lifted when Tern patches were all over the point picking Anchovies again. Tuna birds everywhere, but no Kingys in sight . The water got fairly cool, down to 15.3 degrees in the last couple of weeks and the Barracutta have moved in.

Hoping it's an early season for the Micro bait as very early to see bird patches in July. Good luck on the fishing front.