Mako Hervey Bay Trip

Story by Dominic Wiseman

Trials and tribulations were pushed to their limits the past week as it was evident that chasing small black marlin was no easy task! We ventured to Hervey Bay on a journey to explore what was on offer where we hooked up with young Pro Team angler and local Aidan Robertson. After a couple of days which some may call frustrating we were being pushed to our limits. Hopefully the day ahead was going produce a different result. Numerous approaches were taken to pin a location on these black marlin. After contacting a mate we got to fly over Hervey Bay spotting Marlin, Tuna schools, Large Sharks, Dolphins, and many other species of marine life. Polarised sunglasses really make a difference and by taking the glare off the water, we could easily see many the wildlife. After spotting a productive spot, working out the tides that they liked, and rigging our lures and baits correctly we were in with an opportunity. After getting distracted by a few tuna and mackerel schools on the trip up we pushed toward the area we were going to start fishing.

"We wore the G3H6 lens which really highlights fish and other marine life against the expansive flats."

The teasers went out and our spread was set, the remainder of the time spent waiting, watching and observing any movement of bait or birds. The Mako Sunglasses made looking into the water crystal clear and effortless. We wore the G3H6 lens which really highlights fish and other marine life against the expansive flats. It pays to be aware when fishing always scouting and keeping your senses vigilant. Many birds were spotted flying high over the top of marlin, and when we had a bird flying over the top of us we knew it wasn’t long before a hookup was due.

All eyes went toward the teaser as an aggressive marlin lit up and charged toward our teaser. The day turned very productive and numerous small black Marlin were boated. It turned out to be an amazing experience watching these very acrobatic fish leap out of the water attempting to dislodge the hook. The Fraser Coast also offered very picturesque creeks, with crystal clear water that we could not help ourselves but to cast a lure. The trip to Hervey Bay was a Journey in itself with a few tough and mind blowing days leading up to one of the most valuable experiences of our lives.