Mako GOH2 Lens Review First Impression (Pro Team Member Mark Bargenquast)

Story by Mark Bargenquast

I was recently was handed a pair of new Mako Blades, nothing unusual as these have been my favorite frame for 3 years now. I have always been a fan of the G3H6 blue mirror lens, it has worked a treat for me in the blade frame (as that frame it fits my face shape really well while the lens offered excellent viewing in all conditions) both when guiding on Cape York with Alan ’Fish’ Philiskirk or fishing socially in my home turf of Hervey Bay.

The only difference here was that Well the new MAKO’S I was sent had a new lens, the GOH2. The new lens has a grey tint from the inside with a faint red mirror on the outside. First try inside the house I was pretty impressed, outside even better. I wore the glasses while driving, again impressive, but I was itching to give them a try on the water.

The very next weekend I had a couple of mates stay for a fish and we travelled to the top end of fraser to my favorite flats, well what a mistake it was on the first day to ‘give’ them a try of my new sunnies. Just couldn’t get them back they loved them, sighting fish and casting while I fished blind……

Now after 3 weeks of using the GOH2 lenses I can honestly say they are the best glasses I have ever used thus far. They are extremely comfortable to wear and my vision into the water, even under cloud cover was perfect. Its great to be able to constantly sighting fish before the other anglers on the boat. 

Make sure next time you are after a new set of fishing sunnies have a look through a pair of MAKO GOH2 lenses, you won’t be disappointed!