Lure Addicts Outstanding Flathead

St Georges Basin is one of those places that your read about online and in the magazines, as a must fish destination if you’re after a big Flathead. Luckily for us, it’s our local and is only 30mins down the road!

We went out with intentions of trying to catch some schooled up winter Bream in the depths, but first, as always, we target them in the shallows. It was a cracking winters day, with no cloud, no wind and nothing but blue skies! We hunted around in either side of 2 meters of water, looking into the water with our Mako’s, Wes using the G3H6 (Glass, amber base with silver mirror) lens and myself with the G2H5 (Glass, rose base with green mirror). We could clearly see that the usual cockle beds that infest these areas over summer had died off with the cooler weather and due to the excellent clarity these glasses provide, we didn’t waste any more time here because we could easily see this area was not holding any fish.

We moved out deeper into 7.5m and started plugging away at the depths.

Wes came up tight on something that didn’t really indicate it’s size until it got closer to the boat and then belted back to the floor of the Basin where it wanted to stay. He was only running 3lb, so it took some time to get the old girl off the bottom.

As the fish got worn out and made it’s way closer to the boat, we could look over the side and see the true size of this Flatty revealed, the beauty of a quality pair of sunglasses! We grabbed the net, got it in the boat and put her on the brag mat where she measured in at 84cm and was then quickly released.