Low Light, High Vision

Story by Andrew Badullovich

Sight fishing anglers are regularly challenged by the elements and none more so than the sun, or lack of! Selecting the appropriate pair of polarised sunglasses for sight fishing can often prove the difference between catching fish and spooking fish.

I encountered overcast conditions during a recent flats fishing session. Typically, heavy overcast conditions will see the sight casting angler pack the rods away and wait for clear blue skies; however, I was quietly confident that the new G3H9 lens would enable me see enough to present a lure with precision.

The water I was fishing was quite clear; nonetheless, it was still difficult to identify grubbing bream with the naked eye. The moment I wrapped my sunnies around my face, the flats came to life and I could locate my targets with ease. I saw bream feeding among the silt clearly, and was able to make that all important “first cast” count. The copper base provided pretty good contrast; however, it was the clarity that impressed me. The G3H9 provides ridiculously clear vision, especially over dark bottom strata such as silt beds, weed, and mud. The silver mirror reduced enough glare to provide a window into what lay below the surface, and permitted enough light to penetrate through the lens to enhance my vision during the low-light conditions.

I rate the G3H9 as a particularly good low-light lens in ultra-clear water. It is now my “go to” lens for fishing the flats on overcast days.