GT Summer

Story by Andrew Badullovich

I’m going to come right out and say, that the GT frame is the most comfortable pair of sunnies I have ever worn! They have that casual appeal, and seem to suit every situation from fishing to partying and more.

I have worn the GT throughout this summer, and just love them. Whether I have been hanging out down the beach, cruising on my SUP Board, or fishing both salt & fresh water, they have served me well. I’m seeing a lot of other people wearing them too, so they must be quite popular. I like the fact that they are light, and don’t slip down the bridge of your nose like some other sunnies in this style of frame quite often do.

The frame itself is extremely strong, which is needed if you spend a bit of time at the beach swimming. Quite often your sunnies are thrown into the bottom of a beach bag before you dive into the surf, and are tossed around with other items.

There are a few different lenses available within the GT range, however, I like the G2H5. This is a rose coloured glass lens, with a green mirrored coating. This particular lens has proven itself as an awesome sight-fishing lens, but it is also a very comfortable lens on the eye during long days in the sun. Once you’ve worn a pair of polarised sunnies, you won’t go back and the beach and surf break look electric through this lens!

MAKO doesn’t give these sunnies away, but they are worth every cent. If I had to rate them…I’m giving them a 10 out 10, and sitting them at the top of the MAKO range.