Golden Kings on the South Coast

I was fortunate to get a phone call from a professional fish spotter looking for salmon but letting me know there was a close to 20 tonne school of large kingfish swimming around the lookout area near the wharves at Eden. I immediately launched the boat for a look. 
The water in the bay was a dirty brown and it took me some time to locate the massive school in an awesome golden colour just below the surface. Travelling fast, but obviously not feeding as there was not a bird in sight. The school was in a tight ball but not giving the slightest ripple on the surface despite all the fish being around 50 cm from the surface.
The Mako glasses with their grey lenses were invaluable reducing the glare of the sun and allowing me to see through the water and locate this massive golden colour.
A cast of a large popper attracted their immediate attention with up to 50 large kings following the lure all the way to the boat numerous times. Exhilarating but frustrating stuff with no hook up for around an hour and 20 odd casts.
Finally, I landed a nice 14 kg kingfish. Great fishing, an awesome spectacle and a unique experience all with a few hundred metres of the wharf. Not possible without the Makos.